Federation of Consumer Associations, West Bengal

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Welcome to Federation of Consumer Associations, West Bengal : Projects


Food and Water Testing Laboratory :


Food and Water Testing Laboratory is meant for detection of adulteration in food & bacteria contaminated drinking water, package Drinking Water, Carbonated water etc. The said laboratory gets a large number of water samples from various hospitals, housing society etc. along with different types of food items, milk, milk product, junk food, spices, tea, coffee etc. Govt. of India sponsored to the laboratory for expansion.


Consumer Information Centre :


Consumer Information Centre (CIC) is the most important project of the Federation which is supported by the Govt. of India. Consumer Information Centre provides various facilities to the common consumers as enumerated below.



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Information through Internet


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Interaction through e-mail


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Guideline to the complainants


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Information about consumer items


Complaint Handling :


Since its inception, FCAWB has been competently handling complaints more or less 5000 on various consumer issues & it is an ongoing process, which has been now made available on internet/emails.




FCAWB has conducted survey on various sectors like Health, Banking, Insurance, Food, Water, Junk Foods & other essential and utility services.


Awareness Programme :


Every year FCAWB organize on an average 200 Education Seminars & awareness programmes in the city, town, at the block level & at the remote villages.


Networking & Block level organization :


Out of 340 blocks in the State of West Bengal FCAWB have already setup 200 organizations so as to make each and every grass root level unit self-sufficient.


Legal Action :


Class action cases are taken up by Federation. In the case deficiency in service, negligence and substandard goods the matter is taken up for amicable settlement, mediation and if the effort is failed, the complainant is asked to file case in the consumer court. If necessary, FCAWB moves to High Court by filing PIL & thereafter SLP at Supreme Court also.


Cultural Programme :


Awareness through Exhibition and cultural programme, Mela, Drama, TV Serial, Live question answer phoning programme through TV Channels.


Investors’ Grievance Cell :


FCAWB provides effective guidelines to protect the interest of the aggrieved investors.


Telecom Subscribers’ Grievance Cell :


in the year 2012-2013, FCAWB acted as CAG member of TRAI & solved 350 cases across various service providers.